This software has been developed by the Institute for Work and Health (IST) in Lausanne with the financial support of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT).

TRanslation of EXposure MOdels (TREXMO) is a unique software for six existing models for regulatory occupational exposure assessment. Five of them, i.e. ART, Stoffenmanager, ECETOC TRA v3, MEASE and EMKG-EXPO-TOOL, are recommended within the context of the EU's REACH legislation. The last, EASE, is an old model, which was used as the basis for two REACH models, i.e. TRA and MEASE. This tool is intended to provide a more reliable and safer exposure and risk assessment.

Copyright statement

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The tool is free of charge!

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